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Why Personal Train With Us

​You are unique and therefore the way you train to reach your personal goals should also be uniquely tailored to you.This is why before you begin any programme of exercise with us a full assessment will be carried out. This involves a series of simple tests designed to assess your individual body type and to cover aspects such as postural alignment, balance, range of motion, core functions and cardiovascular fitness levels.

With this information a unique program will be created to meet your specific needs. Each session with your trainer will then keep you on track towards meeting your targets and give you the structure, consistency and motivation you need to succeed.

The benefits of intensive supervised exercise are invaluable. Improved wellbeing and energy levels, better posture and body shape, weight loss and reduced body-fat, resistance to illness and injuries, and the ability to manage stress are just some of the advantages.

One Life's versatile and holistic approach to training can help you to make important lifestyle changes and achieve outstanding results.

The Trainers


I have been training with Nyambe at One Life Studio for ten months. I was going to the gym before then. It seemed OK and I was sceptical about seeing a personal trainer. I was persuaded to go by my partner who thought that the workouts that I was doing were too random and haphazard. She was right. I am now very much fitter and stronger, my weight has gone down by 8 KG and I have had to buy new trousers as they have gone from 36R to 32L. What I am really pleased about is that my blood pressure has gone down from 150/95 (on the verge of needing treatment) to 125/75. Nyambe has a carefully worked out schedule that is tailored to my needs and a calm, friendly and encouraging manner that has really worked for me.I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Robert Pugh

I've been having weekly one-to-one sessions with Lucy for a couple of months now and I can't recommend her highly enough. At the start, Lucy listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve - which was to improve my strength and flexibility - as well as to work on my stiff neck. In a relatively short space of time, I started to feel an improvement and it has been so satisfying to see myself get stronger and more flexible as the weeks have progressed. I've found the weekly sessions essential for giving me a real work out (for any sceptics out there - believe me - I can really 'feel' it the next day!) and the homework Lucy sets me has built up into a 10-minute repertoire of daily yoga stretches that have helped me to progress even further. Best of all - my poor neck has stopped cracking and crunching when I turn my head!

I look forward to every session with Lucy - not just for her expertise - but because she is a thoroughly nice person to be around.


I started training with Will to increase my fitness, lose weight and tone up. One Life Studio is a nice environment, it's well-equipped and conveniently located - and I got a friendly welcome from the trainers there. I was determined to change my body shape and with a combination of diet, incrementally challenging exercises and Will’s sympathetic guidance, I’ve done so. In six months I’ve lost about two and a half stone and run a half marathon. Will’s helped me target key areas to up my strength and flexibility and now he says I put some of his football team to shame!  I really enjoy the sessions and would recommend the studio to anyone looking to make a difference to their physical fitness, weight and ultimately their self-confidence.